About Us

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"

– Andy Warhol

...Well why not capture that 15 minutes of fame and continue to relive it with your friends, followers and connections?

StarRadar is the savvy, new way of the future for celebrity autographs

We all love that feeling when a celebrity allows their autograph. Of course, this allows a fan to capture that moment when they met a celebrity. Why not share that experience, and capture your 15 minutes of fame?

The StarRadar social media platform allows your selfie with a celebrity to be shared, and give each fan their chance of 15 minutes of fame. It allows you to relive your moment that you met a celebrity and, of course, share it with your friends all over the world!

What’s better is that it allows your celebrity selfie to be ranked by your friends and followers. This allows your celebrity pic to hold position on the StarRadar Podium